Weeks for Sale

The Best Mountain Resort In North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Mountains

Benefits of Ownership

Own a week at Foxhunt in Sapphire Valley, and enjoy the resort every year. Affiliated with Interval International and a Silver Crown Resort with RCI, this resort has excellent trading power if you choose to trade your week in exchange for a different vacation one year.

RCI Points

RCI points are now available to Foxhunt owners for conversion of their fix week into a more flexible system. This will allow you the ability to get the most out of your maintenance fees. RCI points owners enjoy the luxury of deciding where and when to travel and the size of your accommodations. You will experience the benefit of making nightly reservations and other exciting options such as using points for cruises, rental cars, airfare, and much more. Please contact Mark Moody for information regarding your options.

How do RCI Points work?

  • A prospective owner purchases or converts a week and is enrolled in to the RCI Points exchange program.
  •  The member’s account is assigned points and the points are committed to RCI for 3 years. Points are deposited annually in the member’s account for use.
  • Points are available to redeem for a variety of travel and leisure products and services including hotels, airfare & cruises. Points partners require points + cash.

RCI Points for Foxhunt

Eight Reasons to Make the Change to RCI Points

Why do so many RCI® Weeks owners convert their ownerships to RCI Points? Member feedback tells us the top eight reasons are:

1: Flexibility is the key, With RCI Points®; owners can stay a single night or longer at RCI Points affiliated resorts. With the traditional RCI Weeks program, vacations can be exchanged for seven days – no more, no less.

2: RCI Points subscribing members have access to both RCI Points and RCI Weeks affiliated resorts—-all told almost 5,400+ resorts in more than 100 countries and 65,000 partner opportunities worldwide! Your access is subject only to availability.

3: You can use varying amounts of RCI Points for different trips. This can benefit owners even when returning to their home resort. For example, if you own a two-bedroom unit and book a smaller unit during the same interval, you’ll use only the RCI Points for the smaller unit and still have the RCI Points differential “in the bank” for future vacations.

4: You can save and borrow RCI PointsShy a few RCI Points to book your dream vacation? Borrow from next year’s account. Didn’t use all of your RCI Points this year? If you have done at least one transaction with RCI during the year, your unused RCI Points for that Use Year will automatically be saved into your next Use Year. Those RCI Points, however, will expire at the end of the second Use Year unless you call to extend them for a fee into the third year.

5: RCI Points can be redeemed for travel-related products, including airfare, cruises, car rental, and hotel reservations. Choose from leading travel service providers; currently, these include nearly 65,000 different options. Partner brands include; Disney, Hyatt, Ramada, Holiday Inn & Intercontinental brands, Marriott, Radisson, Embassy, Best Western, Travel Lodge, Royal Caribbean, Carnival Cruise Lines, Holland America, most major airlines, bed & breakfasts, theme parks, golf schools and more!

6: RCI Points reservations booked inside of 45 days are reduced up to 50% at RCI Points participating resorts and reservations booked inside of 45 days to RCI Weeks resorts are a maximum weekly cost of 9,000 Points or less depending on the region of travel. A great reward for our owners who are flexible and managing fixed income budgets during retirement.

7: RCI Points owners also get access to budget-friendly non-exchange vacation options–Extra Vacations, Cruise and Last CallSM vacations–as RCI Weeks owners. Of course, Extra Vacations and Last Call vacations are limited and subject to availability and additional restrictions may apply. “RCI Points provides all the benefits of the traditional RCI Weeks program plus a lot more flexibility”,

8: RCI Points transfers with your title. Gifting a lifetime of quality vacations to your loved ones is the greatest legacy of all. The same flexibility and options you enjoy can be transferred to your heirs. This is a wonderful deserving, way to pass on a lifetime of dreams. RCI Points can also make the difference in a successful resale of your timeshare portfolio should you ever become disabled or unable to travel.

About RCI

Founded in 1974, RCI is the worldwide leader in vacation exchange and provider of travel services to businesses and consumers. Through a unique breadth and scope of accommodation choices, types and locations, RCI offers its global community of more than three million members quality vacation experiences at more than 4,600 resorts worldwide through its week-for-week and points-based exchange networks. As a growth partner, RCI delivers customized, integrated and results-driven solutions to meet the needs and exceed the expectations of its affiliates and consumers worldwide. RCI is a division of the RCI Global Vacation Networksm , the global leader in leisure accommodations with exclusive access for specified periods to more than 65,000 vacation properties in 100 countries.