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As a thank you for your service, Foxhunt Sapphire Valley invites past and present military members to stay with us for 15% off their entire reservation. Use promo code “USA” to book online.

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Why Book Direct?

If you enjoy receiving the best rates, exclusive perks and premium benefits when you vacation, then booking your stay directly with Foxhunt Sapphire Valley will make you feel extremely wealthy and wise. Why involve a middle man when your most advantageous deals can be made with the company with which you wish to do business?

Booking direct with us will secure your thriftiest and happiest vacation for a variety of reasons:

Best available rates

We often offer specials and deals available only by booking with us. Check out our current specials here.

Your reservation is guaranteed

We know exactly what our inventory is, and when it’s available.

Security first

Whether you book online or call us, your personal information is safe and secure. We use the most up-to-date technology to protect your information.

No booking fees

While many booking sites charge hidden booking fees, you’ll never pay one if you reserve directly with us.

Check out the rooms

If you book online through our website, you’ll see our room layouts, photos and amenities. If you call us, our staff can tell you about our resorts’ room options.

We know the area

It is our pleasure to give you recommendations about local events, attractions and restaurants on our websites, social media and in person from our staff.

Peace of mind

There’s no worrying about miscommunications or errors with your reservation, because you made it with the resort directly.