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Zipline Sapphire Valley

Zipline Tour in Sapphire Valley

NOW OPEN: the Vordach Zipline Canopy Tour!

View the beautiful Sapphire Valley scenery from the trees on a Zipline Canopy Tour!

There are many ways to explore the beautiful Sapphire Valley, North Carolina, in fact, hiking, biking and horseback riding are very popular outdoor activities in the Blue Ridge Mountains. However, some people prefer a more non-traditional means of exploring Sapphire – from the sky!

Zipline tours in Sapphire Valley are gaining popularity, and are becoming more plentiful, as guests are able to capture a birds-eye view of the mountains, trees, rivers and breathtaking scenery, while experiencing an adrenaline rush!

Sapphire Valley Resort, just minutes from Foxhunt at Sapphire Valley, features a zipline course called The Vordach. This tour lasts about two and a half hours and provides ground training and a zipline tour through the trees and over the ski slopes. Each zip line at the resort is designed for different levels. Ask your guide which course is right for you and your family, if you don’t prefer the more advanced Vordach tour. The resort offers a special to guests – bring a group of four for a private tour!

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