List Your Week for Rent

Rent Your Week through the SPM Rental Program

If you would like SPM Resorts, Inc. to handle all aspects of renting your week including marketing, pricing, coordinating with the renter, and handling the financial transaction, please log-in and fill out the rental agreement on the Owners’ Portal, or call the resort for details.

List Your Week for Rent by Owner on

Owners, if you would like to list your unit for rent on this website instead of joining the SPM Rental Program, please fill out the form below.

Please note: Filling out this form will only list your unit for rent on the “Units for Rent by Owner” page on this website. It will not be listed any place else. If you would like to rent it through SPM’s vacation rental program, please visit the SPM Owners’ Portal and fill out the rental agreement, and we place your unit in our program, which will list on online travel agencies and allow vacationers to book online.

In filling out the form below, you understand:
  1. Any inquiries are handled and negotiated terms directly with the renter.
  2. The resort and/or SPM will not handle any money or financial transactions. All fees must be coordinated directly between the owner of the week and the renter.
  3. The owner of the week is responsible for notifying the office of a rental or if the owner desires to remove their listing from the website.
  4. The owner of the week is responsible for communicating all check-in details with the renter.
  5. Any damages to the unit will be charged to the owner if unable to collect from the renter.